Clean shapes and textural materials make THAD CLINE jewelry a necessity for the modern woman. Always on trend but never out of style.

Each beautiful piece exhibits the handmade craftsmanship that Thad Cline and Phillip Allen Hefner are known for.  The finest materials including Swarovski crystal, semi precious stones and unique and modern chains collide to create traffic stopping jewelry and accessories.

Thad Cline, a jewelry designer and goldsmith for over twenty years has always enjoyed manipulating metal. Turning his hand to creating his own small line of unique jewelry, Thad had many fans on the local level, a favorite at Gallery shows and artisan festivals. His customers enjoyed watching him make the piece they purchased, and knew they had a custom item made just for them.

Business partner Phillip Allen Hefner, a multi talented designer from home to personal accessories with an extensive history in retail fashion and corporate boutique design as well as working with companies such as Ralph Lauren, Bernardaud Limoge, and other design houses brought his expertise to transform THAD CLINE from a artisan line to a major brand carried in hundreds of retail locations. Phillip designs each and every show space and trunk show to enhance the jewelry and current fashion and home trends all to give the buyer the feeling of being part of something amazing.

Together, the two design and make each piece of jewelry to transcend fads and trends. Unlike many jewelry designers that design the first piece, each individual THAD CLINE accessory is made by the designers themselves. Their designs are stylish and classic with a hip, modern twist allowing the wearer the ability to invigorate her own existing jewelry collection.

“We believe that jewelry is an investment and our designs allow women options for incorporating their own style and flair into their wardrobe and we have always felt that our designs should flow from casual to cocktail and our customers agree.”

Make a bold fashion statement of your own with a beautiful piece of THAD CLINE jewelry.