Day to Day Modern Inspiration Meets Thad Cline

We're constantly asked were we get our inspirations for many of our designs so I started to pay more attention to exactly where the inspiration DOES come from! Sometimes it's the stone, or component that tells us what to do with it. But sometimes, even I step back and say "wow! I love reminds me of something!"

While designing our new Sphinx collar necklace, I kept seeing it horizontal instead of the normal vertical direction that would seem obvious. Then, I realized why it seemed familiar! Thad and I both LOVE Modern Art, Cubism, Mid Century design! My personal screen saver is an amazing Picasso and there it was! The inspiration that had hidden itself in my head and resurfaced when I looked at the crystal! 

Then as I looked around the room, I realized just how connected our personal style in home decor really does influence our jewelry design! Even our Abstract hoop earrings have a similar look to another favorite painting. 

So there is a bit of insight into some of the inspiration behind the THAD CLINE collection!